Bolt Manufacturers

Bolt Manufacturers

The iron and its alloys were the first metal used in the manufacture of structures. Engineers used it at first through casting elements. Later new technologies arose, like beams, tubes, and fasteners such as bolts, rivets, and screws. The first metal structures were bridges (near 1800). In 1887 a 12-floor building was built in Chicago, and in 1931 the Empire State Building was opened in New York, with 102 floors and 1453 feet in height.

Today, steel alloys are present in bridges, light systems, walkways, communications antennas, tanks, silos, dam gates, and power towers, among others.

For the static or dynamic union of this type of structure, two types of joining elements are used. There is the hot fixation, through welding and rivets and on the other hand cold junctions, which is done using screws and bolts. The great advantage of cold elements is that they are easy to remove and allow the project to be restructured or dismantled.

The bolts are forged with materials such as iron or steel and represent an excellent alternative for the construction of metal structures. Bolt manufacturers such as Dyson Corp produce various options of these elements, to meet different elasticity and effort requirements, depending on the structure.

There are different types of bolts. According to their head, they can be hexagonal, square, or rounded, among others. If you consider the clamping mode, you can classify them into through bolts, union bolts, removable fastening bolts, permanent fastening bolts, and anchors.

One of the most common uses of bolts in structural projects is as anchoring in foundations. Its use is quite broad since they can be part of the fixing structure before making the castings of the concrete. You can also use them once you finish the construction, for the anchoring of other elements such as bumpers, rails, and signs.

In the case of the anchors used at the time of construction, bolt manufacturers provide pieces of various shapes and alloys. In general, the client request to the manufacturer some technical specifications such as efforts, elasticity, and resistances, so that the pieces forged fulfill those specifications.

Then the engineers place the anchors according to the load distribution of the foundation and proceed to put the concrete. This technique is not only used for the construction of buildings, but also for the fixation of structures such as power poles, solar panels, and lighting or communication towers.

The second technique is using the bolts on finished structures. The most common for this type of anchor is the "rawl" type. This type of element has two parts: the bolt as such and a particular nut that expands as the torque is applied. This expansion is what allows the friction that will give the solidity to the anchor. This type of techniques is common for fixing guard rails and traffic signs on the roads.

Dyson Corp is one of the most outstanding bolt factories in the country, and offers you a mix of anchoring and fixing products for all your projects. We distinguish ourselves by being an approved manufacturer of "100% Melted and Manufactured in the USA" which guarantees a high-quality product. Contact us; we will be glad to assist you in your project.

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